The Royal Southern Yacht Club is delighted to welcome competitors to the
J/80 World Championships 2017  8th – 14th July 2017

Waterside Facilities

PPYH Logo There’s a lot more to the Prince Philip Yacht Haven than the new walk ashore pontoons:
The new sea wall, half the total cost, will stabilise and protect our waterfront land for generations to come.
The raised capping is at a level determined by the Environmental Agency to keep out all predicted high tides.
The car parks will be levelled up and resurfaced.
The Splash Club and other dinghy users will have mud free access to the water at all times and tides via a new floating slipway.
People with disabilities will have direct access to boats afloat for the first time.
All Members will be able to enjoy al fresco dining on the new Quarter Deck with no mud in sight!
All berths will be fully serviced, and walk-ashore.
Some berths will be let for three years without decreasing the number in the annual ballot.

Car Park 
Now includes parking for 100 cars
Boat Park
Boat park users must keep their boats in the allocated space and return their empty trailers, which must be marked with the boat/owner's name, to that space while sailing.
Boats must not be left parked under the Crane.
Unauthorized boats and trailers may be removed or immobilized and payment for storage, on a weekly basis, will be charged.

  Use of club's pontoons, moorings, dry berths, slipway, crane, dinghies, tenders and launches is subject to the by-laws of the club and to the Waterside Regulations.
In the case of a conflict between the by-laws and the Waterside Regulations the by-laws shall take precedence.  See Full Waterside Regulations Here

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