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A Bash at the Baltic
A Bash at the Baltic
Another in our occasional "Cruising Logs" series. This time from Members Mike and Louis Dellar aboard Vela cruising the Baltic in September 2104
The week before we were due to leave, everyone took pleasure in telling us what a wonderful forecast we had for getting to the Baltic; and buoyed by this we began to dream of a single hitch to Lowestoft, a day's rest, then on to Holland, etc, etc.
Mmm.....first day we overslept, and for our penance, spent the next 12 hours beating into a light easterly. By the time we had got past Brighton the wind was down below 8 knots, so we decided enough was enough, and bailed out into Newhaven.
Published / Updated: 25 November 2015
In: Cruising

Folly Rally October 2015
Folly Rally October 2015
More than 25 boats both power and sail were booked in for the Folly Rally this year.
Most people arrived by lunchtime on Saturday and those that chose to sail had a good breeze from the north if a little on the chilly side.
There was the usual pontoon party that started about 1800 and, as the pontoon filled up, it sank.
Published / Updated: 16 November 2015
In: Cruising

ICOYC Chesapeake Bay Cruise Oct 2015
ICOYC Chesapeake Bay Cruise Oct 2015
A few days before our arrival in Annapolis we realised that hurricane Joaquin was going to have an affect on our cruise.
Members of the various worldwide clubs met at the Annapolis Yacht Club around noon on Friday 2 October to catch a bus to the Naval Academy.
In the pouring rain we visited the various parts of academy ending up in the museum where there were an amazing number of models of naval ships, mainly British, built in England in the 17 century.
Published / Updated: 16 November 2015
In: Cruising

September Ladies Afloat
September Ladies Afloat
For our last Ladies Afloat day of 2015 we had all Ladies on the 2 boats, Dino Volante and Rin Jinn. As usual we met at the club for coffee and decided which Ladies were going on which boat and also of course where we were going. Cowes was the favoured venue as it is an easy ...
Published / Updated: 23 September 2015
In: Cruising

Yarmouth Midweek Rally
Yarmouth Midweek Rally
There was a meet of 16 boats and their crews in Yarmouth for the September midweek rally. The promise of good weather must have been the trigger that made us let go the mooring lines and set off for Yarmouth on a strong spring tide. The forecast was for North Westerly winds but the sea br...
Published / Updated: 14 September 2015
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2015 Cruiser Race Report
2015 Cruiser Race Report
Luckily most of the Cruiser Race fleet got away to Cherbourg before the strong winds came in. Sadly Watermark and Bambella did not make it in time to get the benign wind. The rest of us assembled in Cherbourg by Saturday morning.  
The forecast for Sunday our departure day for Carteret was for force 5 to 6 South west winds gusting to force 7 so the decision during our supper at the Cherbourg Yacht Club was for a delayed start and in fact the forecast was for even stronger wind on Monday.
Published / Updated: 04 September 2015
In: Cruising

Newtown Creek Rally
Newtown Creek Rally
Tuesday's forecast was for a blustery day but, undaunted, 5 boats set off for Newtown Creek. There was the typical wind over tide situation leading to a short chop. The sail was made more interesting by the Classic Yachts racing in their regatta, some beautiful 8 and 6 metres, ...
Published / Updated: 04 August 2015
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Horse and Jockey Rally
Horse and Jockey Rally
Or "Living Dangerously on the River Cur" Our fleet of two motor boats, three RIBs, the Bewes' Barouche, a kayak and a paddleboard were an impressive sight on the Upper Hamble. However on the River Cur, that beautifully narrow final leg, a combination of lowish tides ...
Published / Updated: 16 July 2015
In: Cruising

June Mid Week Rally 2015
June Mid Week Rally 2015
The venue for our 3rd mid week of the season was Bucklers Hard. Sadly the forecast of force 5 to 6 winds put a lot of members off making the trip down the Solent in particular the motor boats. But 3 sailing yachts made it. The strong wind was in the north east so the sail do...
Published / Updated: 30 June 2015
In: Cruising

Sailability Day Report & Images
Sailability Day Report & Images
On the 6 June the Southern hosted a Sailability day for Deaf Sailing UK.
The 17 guests arrived for coffee at the club, where they were welcomed by the Commodore. They were then allocated to the various members' boats including Dino Volante, Samiotissa, Wetwheels, Up to Speed and a RIB. They then set off for a day sailing in the Solent. The scene in Cowes was enhanced by the presence of some beautiful classic yachts and royal yachts that had assembled for the Royal Yacht Squadron bicentenary review.
Published / Updated: 29 June 2015
In: Cruising

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Ladies Athena Lunch
Friday 4th Dec - 12 noon
Enjoy a drink in the Upper Bar followed by a two course lunch with a glass of wine.
To book please add your name to the list displayed in the Club or contact
Price £16
Events Desk: 023 80 450 315
Christmas Carol Evening
Wed 16th Dec - 1900
Mince Pies, Mulled Wine & Carols
In Aid of The Malcolm Sargent Cancer Trust
A club supper will be available afterwards
See poster for more information
£15.00 pp
Events Desk: 023 80 450 315

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