'Hamble Classics at the Southern'
'Hamble Classics at the Southern'
A new Regatta at the Royal Southern YC is announced for September 2016
The Royal Southern Yacht Club will host and run the inaugural 'Hamble Classics at the Southern' Regatta on 24-25th September 2016.
Designed as a late season extravaganza of classic yachting, the Hamble Classics Regatta is set to welcome all styles of classic yachts, with racing formats to suit each type.
Metre classes, Classic Racers and Cruisers, Spirit of Tradition yachts plus Old Gaffers and Dayboats will enjoy the superb facilities at one of the UK's top yacht clubs, with first class race management and a social programme to match.
Published / Updated: 01 February 2016

Royal Southern Nominated for Club of the Year
Royal Southern Nominated for Club of the Year
The Royal Southern Yacht Club is proud and delighted to have been nominated for the 2016 'Club of the Year Award' in the prestigious annual Yachts and Yachting Magazine Awards, with the winners being announced in January at the London Boat Show.
This nomination is in recognition of the development and commissioning of the Prince Philip Yacht Haven and also the enormous amount of work the Club undertakes to promote and encourage youth sailing and our Academy. We're counting on you to support the nomination so, please, cast your vote and spread the word to family and friends. Thanks!
Published / Updated: 24 December 2015

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Splash Week - Day 1

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Mission Accomplished!

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PPYH Commissioning Ceremony

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"Life and other problems!"
10th February
Judy Theobald
A light-hearted look at 30 years in the media from print to broadcasting
Lectures start at 1900 - Please arrive in good time to make selection for supper, enjoy drinks and settle in seats.

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