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Why Register?
As we move to On-line Entry as the preferred method of entering an event registering your boat means that, after a quick login, all the forms will auto-fill with your information.
As a validated user of the site any Crew Register entries you make will no longer have to wait for moderation before publication.

Must I register to enter an event?
No - simply go to any event page and fill in the form.

I would rather just call the club office
Yes by all means - simply call the sailing office.
You will still get the same useful notification emails as users of the on-line form do.

Can I remove my registration?
Yes - you can fully delete all information at any time either by the delete link at the foot of this form or by getting in touch with the Sailing office.

How secure is my information?
Any page on the RSrnYC website that asks for or displays personal information is SSL encrypted.
I am having problems registering.
We want your use of these new systems to be problem free but accept difficulties can occur.  Please get in touch our website manager Ian Marlow.
By Phone: (1200 - 2100)  07472 238 100  

I cannot remember my password.
Happens to us all.  You can reset by clicking the Reset Password link here on the login page.
You will need to know your user name.  In case of difficulties please call the sailing office or our website manager who will both be pleased to help.

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