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Shoot with us!  Over 100 members and their guests did so in 2016.

Clay pigeon shooting can be a really sociable and engaging sport and it continues to surprise me how many boat owning folk love to have a go at breaking a few clays!

We welcome experienced shots and novices alike. Novices have a bespoke programme with a shooting instructor. School guns are provided and instructors guide each novice through gun safety, gun fit and, of course, how to shoot those clays.

Our objective is to select clay shooting grounds within 40 miles of Hamble.
Our circuit is selected from a variety of rural locations for instance:- Owls Lodge at Sutton Scotney, Lains Shooting School at Quarley nr Andover, Ley Farm nr Salisbury, the Spitfire Shoot at Stockbridge, Acorn Shooting School at Compton nr Kings Somborne.

Presently we have four days across March, April, May and September.

The Club Shooting Society has been running for over 15 years - it's a well established part of the portfolio of activities members can enjoy. Typically we each shoot about 110 cartridges on a Club clay day.

This will consist of 80 shots at eight different targets shot in teams of four or five members and their guests. Targets are designed to simulate a variety of game birds in flight, for instance springing teal, partridge or pheasant. Its known in clay shooting terms as a sporting layout.

An unusual part of our day is the 'googly'. We each have a crack at one very difficult clay with one cartridge - Southern shots normally achieve about a 30% success - but are rewarded with a suitable prize!

Following a mid morning break we enter the flush. This is where teams of four or five 'guns' are presented with a flush of randomly flying clays - again to simulate a real day in the field - we allow 30 clays per gun, so you will see in a typical five minute flush 120 different clays from many directions and flying at a variety of speeds, an amazing adrenalin rush.
All in all it is a glorious day enjoyed with like minded folk in beautiful locations.

We run two competition themes. Firstly on the shoot day a score is kept of misses and hits and at the end of the day, after a warming lunch, prizes are awarded. Secondly at the end of the year the aggregate performance by category prize is awarded.

Our prize winners for 2016 were:
High Gun - Richard Curry
Guest High Gun - Nick Shone
Novice High Gun - Hugh Nash
If you have never tried clay shooting or you already shoot and would like to join us, please keep your eye on the Clay Shooting calendar to our right and weekly newsletters for our next Royal Southern Shooting Society clay day.

Mike Norton
Shoot Captain 07713 612431

Owls Lodge shoot on 28th March

'Hey that was a real cracking shot' quipped in unison members of Nick Shone's team as he shot two simulated rabbit clays with one cartridge at stand '7' Owls Lodge shoot on 28th March. We had some really good shooting for all levels of ability.

It was great to see 35 members and their guests enjoying the first Clay Shooting Society's shoot of the 2017 season.
The day was glorious with sharp Spring sunshine and just the occasional wisps of cloud. Many new members on their first outing with us experienced this prestige clay shoot location.
Owls Lodge sets the standard - don't forget the next shoot is Ley Farm (Teffont Evias) on 19th May followed by Lains (Thruxton) on 29th June - see you there!

This year any surplus from each shoot is being donated to Wet Wheels.

Notice Of Shoot
Acorn Shooting, Compton Manor Estate, King’s Somborne. SO20 6QW  

Note: Places limited to 30 - early booking is advised.

0915 -Arrival with Tea/Coffee and Bacon Rolls
0950 - Briefing
1000 - Shooting commences

We will shoot an 80 bird sporting lay-out, shot in squads, followed by an individual googly and then a 60 bird flush in selected teams. This is one of our best venues for shooting and catering hence the slightly higher cost and promises to be a very good day out.

Novices will be provided with an instructor, giving professional guidance, and a loan of a suitable gun together with cartridges and will shoot targets appropriate for the novice group

£115 Per Person—Shooting / £30 Per Person—Non Shooting
* Guns should bring their own cartridges of nothing larger than 28 gram, 6, 7 or 8 and cartridges will be available to purchase.
All guns, except novices, should have a shotgun licence and appropriate third party insurance.

Guests are very welcome at all our events. We simply ask you to to contact Mike Norton on or by phone on 07713 612431 who will describe the indemnity process.

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2017 will be different...........
All our shoots are run at a small profit and for 2017 we will hand over the season's surplus to Wet Wheels
This year there will be an additional award for those who shoot smaller bores (e.g. 16 or 20) the Wet Wheels small bore challenge! Just specify the bore you will use at the start of each event......
We are really delighted that Wet Wheels are part of our 2017 programme.

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