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Splash Week

Sunday, August 21, 2022 (all day)

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Date Sunday, August 21, 2022 (all day)
Duration   5d


Splash Week is divided up into different stages, based broadly on sailing experience and secondarily age, to ensure that the sailors make friends and have a great week – these aren’t set in stone, but experience has proved that the sailors have a better week if they are with a group of similar ability children.

Age groups are a guideline only – you should put your child in the group which is best matched to their ability to ensure a happy sailor!

Our groups are currently as follows:

Shrimps – Messing about on the river – c. Age 4-6

Children that are experiencing sailing/ rowing for the first time and are building confidence on/in the water. Having lots of fun, rowing, swimming and being pirates!

Minnows – Beginners – c. Age 6-8

New to sailing, might possibly have tried sailing before, but still very novice and learning the fundamental skills. This group will be held in the club training Optimists.

Terrapins – Beginners – c. Age 6-8+

Children who have participated in the RYA Level 1 and 2 course and are gaining confidence in their new found skills. Own or borrowed Optimists.

Super Turtles – Intermediate Group – c. Age 7-9+

Children wanting to try out different boats and explore all aspects of sailing. With the odd fun race! This group is a fun group so if your child enjoys being on the water, but isn’t interested in racing this may be the group for them. Own or borrowed children’s sailing dinghy (ie Optimists or Teras).

Ninja Turtles – Intermediate Group – c. Age 7-9+

Children who are starting to grasp sailing skills, can sail round a triangle, starting to launch and recover unassisted and learning to sail more efficiently upwind. Aimed at children who sail more regularly. Own Optimist required.

Sharks – Optimist Regatta fleet racing group – c. Age 8-10+

Children who are sailing regularly both in the river and are starting to do local open meetings (in Regatta fleet) and want to start focusing on racing (and some fun of course!). Own Optimist required.

Eagles – Double handed sailing – c. Age 10+ Children who want to sail double handed boats and learn double handed sailing skills, seamanship etc. Own or borrowed Feva required. There are two club Fevas which are available.

Hawks – Optimist main fleet racing group – c. Age 10+

Aimed at experienced sailors who are sailing Optimists competitively but want to have a fun week with their friends – this includes the legendary Optimist sail away day (ice cream will be involved!), and we are also planning a day out sailing on the J70’s. Own Optimist required.

Junior Cadets – Mixed sailing – c. Age 12+

This will be a fun group aimed at the older children and will be focused on the club J70 boats and larger boats, with a mix of international jetsetting (well the Isle of Wight anyway), fun races and adventures further afield.


The Minnows group will be held in the Club Optimists, and Shrimps won’t need their own boats, but to participate in Splash Week, sailors in the other groups will need to own or borrow their own boats for the week.

If you don’t have a boat, Optimists especially can be bought cheaply through the “Optimist Boats Optimist Parts and Junior Sailing Kit for Sale UK” facebook group and a range of children’s sailing dinghies, including Optimists are available on Apollo Duck (

A good source of cheaper starter Optimists locally is Gumtree (, and children’s sailing dinghies do generally hold their value well. Alternatively, please do join the “Hamble Optimists” facebook group and some boats may be available locally to buy.

Conversely, if you have a children’s sailing dinghy which you’d be willing to lend to someone for Splash Week please do let us know and we’ll do our best to match up available boats with sailors. Please note that if you borrow a boat for Splash Week, it will be your responsibility to return it in the state which you borrowed it in.


We welcome Splashers and Junior Cadets from family and extended family of members and ask that those participants who are not already members, join as Family or Junior members. Please contact the Club office for membership queries.

Please send any questions or offers of assistance to the Sailing Office

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