2020 Deauville Race Cancelled

Apr 1, 2020
It is with sadness that we, along with our partner yacht clubs of the Royal London YC, the Junior Offshore Group (JOG), Deauville Yacht Club and the Yacht Club de France, have decided to cancel the 2020 Deauville Race due to the current situation with Covid-19.  Both France and the UK are dealing with unprecedented circumstances and all involved yacht clubs are currently closed with sailing activities suspended.  Subsequently, and taking into account the cross-channel aspect of this particular race as well as the reliance on onshore facilities, we do not think it possible, responsible or appropriate to run the event or associated onshore activities, including the Deauville Dinner at the Royal Southern YC, on the planned dates in May.
We are monitoring the Covid-19 situation and all of the available regulations and guidance from the Government and other relevant authorities, and will continue to do so with regards to future events.
Please send any enquiries regarding this notice to sailing@royal-southern.co.uk.


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