Update on Clubhouse Closure

Due to COVID-19, unfortunately the Clubhouse is temporarily closed.

Jul 5, 2021

Clubhouse Closed Currently Closed

Club Update

Two members of staff have been tested positive for Covid-19 on Friday evening and we took the necessary precautions as advised by the government to protect the members and staff. The regular in-office testing regime put in place some months ago ensured all staff affected had already been sent home and were isolating.

We are now waiting for further guidance and updates from NHS Track & Trace. All staff continue to be regularly tested several times a week and where possible we are arranging additional PCR testing.

Staffing is arranged in bubbles and we are confident subject to no further restrictions, that with additional testing and precautions, of being able to re-open safely at the weekend from Friday lunchtime for members and the July regatta with a food and beverage service.

The Sailing office and Bosuns continue to work as usual.

The bedrooms are able to remain open and where necessary alternative arrangements have been made for guests to obtain breakfast.

We have limited staff at the moment with several self-isolating. These are challenging times and we are reliant on guidance and information from outside organisations which takes time. We would therefore ask for your understanding and patience as we work through the process.


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