Cowes - Deauville Race - May 24th 2019

in conjunction with Royal London YC, Deauville YC and the Yacht Club de France

Jun 3, 2019

Winning team - SX Girl and Hot Rats

25 yachts started this annual race with no wind but a strong flood tide which began to turn as the fleet went through the forts. The French entry Santa Cruz disappeared through the forts and over the horizon despite the lack of wind closely followed by Lady Penrose of the sail and motor class with tactical use of her engine. Robbie and Lis Robinson on Hot Rats managed to float past most of the fleet to start sailing to the north of Ryde bank, passing Kiswala of the Royal London just before the forts, then tucked inshore out of the tide, leaving the rest of the fleet parked up between the Forts and Bembridge. Eventually the fleet trickled out to the south of the Island and once in the westerly breeze pulled out into the channel.

RYLYC Commodore David Gower presenting the Sail & Power trophy to Claire Dresser and Jeremy Waitt

Overnight the wind faded a little, but there was always some from around northwest to keep the boats moving and the crews active in sail changes. Indeed, Hot Rats reported over twelve switches between spinnaker to code zero and it certainly paid off as they won by 59 minutes on corrected time from Kiswala. Hot Rats were the first IRC boat, the first Royal Southern boat and one half of the winning Interclub Shield team with SX Girl, Noj and Chrissie White who took 3rd in IRC. The rest of the fleet encountered very light winds just before the finish causing them to drift to the east of the rhum line and battle adverse tide. Only the leading two sail boats and the first two motor / sail boats made the early morning lock requiring them to do justice to the fresh croissants and open bar at the Deauville Yacht Club on behalf of the whole fleet between 4 and 7 in the morning.

Other RSrnYC yachts also did well, with Dudley Stock, Xtract, in 4th place in IRC and in the Sail and Power Class the Royal Southern took the first three places with Lady Penrose sailed by Claire Dresser and Jeremy Waitt in first place, Upstart Robert, Jane and Annabelle Vose in second, and Chris North on Lutea, in 3rd. Only 10 minutes of corrected time separated first from third.

Particular thanks should also go to Phillip Gage who was a welcome familiar voice on “Deauville Finish” between 3 and 5 am before he left for his well-deserved bed. The legendary hospitality of the Deauville Yacht Club lost nothing in the experience this year and of course there was a boat party hosted this year by Malcom Knox on the Sunday.

Full results are available HERE


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