Dinghy Park Overhaul Progress Update

Dec 8, 2020
Over the last month, Emily and Brian in the Sailing Office have worked on improving the dinghy park area to make it more accessible to all users - hopefully you have now seen some of the progress for yourself!

Over this time we have:
  • Swept all of the tarmac areas, including around all racks.
  • Raked the gravel to thin it to a more usable thickness.
  • Moved an upright rack to separate club oppies, and create a larger space by the containers.
  • Moved peanuts from oppie rack.
  • Identified boats where possible, returning identified, paid-for boats.
  • Started creating boat spaces on gravel.
  • Removed bottom bar from oppie rack to make it easier for oppies to roll into the bottom spaces.
So now we need help from you! 
  1. If you have any old carpet, please consider donating it to us so that we can extend the carpet on the racks.
  2. We have a large pile of shingle due to the raking which is free to a good home! If you would like to collect some, just let us know.
  3. We would be very grateful if you were to view the video below and help us identify the remaining unknown boats.
In Stage 2 of our dinghy park overhaul, which we hope will take place before Spring, we plan to:
  • Divide and number boat spaces.
  • Sort fuel and storage containers.
  • Extend and replace rack carpet.
And, if we have time and resources, we might get started on the Wish List:
  • Paint containers.
  • Create a better briefing/meeting area by containers (benches, astro turf, etc, ideas welcome).
  • Tie down points for gravel-based boats.
If you are interested in helping, or have any ideas on how we can improve the dinghy park, then please don't hesitate to get in touch!
Brian, Haven & Facilities Manager - havenandfacilities@royal-southern.co.uk 
Emily, Sailing Secretary - sailing@royal-southern.co.uk 




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