eSailing Winter Series Final Report

January 2021

Feb 3, 2021
Thursday 28th January saw the last of the four series for the club’s eSailing Winter Championships. During the month, there have been 17 sailors battling it out over 24 races to represent the club at the RYA Regional Championship. The racing was tighter than many would have believed with the software registering 0.1 seconds between boats more than a handful of times. There were 8 different race winners over month proving how one small error could affect a race.
Overall, consistency paid off for the top three boats. Ed Davison came in third with his worst score (excluding discards) of a 9th and a total of 85 points. Isabelle Waha was second with 70 points (worst score of 6th), however the Race Officer, Sandy McPherson pulled ahead with 50 points (worst score of 5th). Isabelle is now going to represent the club at the RYA Regionals and we wish her the best of luck for this.
Thanks to everyone who took part, and we hope you will all join us in following Isabelle through the next stages of the competition!
Sandy McPherson - Race Officer & Event Director

Overall Results:

eSailing Winter Series - Overall Results
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