Folly Rally

Boaty McFoil wins the race!

Nov 13, 2017

There were twenty boats making there way over to the Folly in a light south westerly breeze on Saturday morning.  Most had arrived by early afternoon. Some members felt a need for exercise and walked up towards Newport while others enjoyed a certain amount of sunshine and socializing.  Everyone assembled for the pontoon party so it was fairly crowded but luckily no one got their feet wet. Christopher Barker on Belle Serene was the last to arrive; sailing single-handed right up to the Folly just as the party was in full swing.  As it got dark there was a shore party to the Folly Inn. It has been reported that a certain amount of table dancing took place!  Others chose to eat on board. It was commented that everyone seemed to go to bed quite early - is it a sign that we are all getting older?

Sunday morning dawned with grey skies again but there was a gentle zephyr for the model boat race.

There was much use of plastic bottles and cartons of every kind. The winner "Boaty Mcfoil" made by Francesca Button was made of the foil tray that apparently had contained their fish pie eaten the night before. 

We are all for recycling!  Second was a boat made by Pam & Pauline on Samiotissa that managed to get out in the breeze fairly soon after the start. 

The third design was by John Reddaway - again a basic boat with a polystyrene tray in blue and matching vinyl disposal gloves that he had inflated for the sails. 

After the prize-giving ably performed by Ginnie Nixon some stayed for a lunch time drink and a spot of lunch while the rest sailed back to their home ports.  Maggie Widdop  Images: Christopher Gillingham