Junior Sailing Update!

It has been a busy month for the RSrnYC Splashers!

Jul 11, 2019

It has been a busy month for the RSrnYC Splashers! The club Optimist sailors have been travelling around the South Coast to some recent open events, having a great time and getting some fantastic results. At Hayling Island, it was very windy, which meant that a small and brave coterie of Southern oppy sailors went out on the water, with great results in main fleet from Oscar Morgan-Harris (15th) and Gabriella Burlton (35th) and also Hennie Burlton and Emily Brushett. In Regatta fleet, it was a great weekend for the Barber family in choppy and difficult conditions, with Archie coming 5th, and Lauren coming 17th. Alex Saunders and Zac Brushett attended but it was a little too windy for them so they retired to the club to drink hot chocolate and cheer on the others. Alex Saunders also represented the club at Bosham Regatta, coming 8th in Regatta fleet.

A big Southern team attended the Parkstone Optimist open on 22nd and 23rd June, and with champagne sailing conditions finally arriving it was a great weekend racing. Oscar Morgan-Harris came 2nd in main fleet, with Hennie (37th), Gabriella (50th) and Emily Brushett (52nd) also representing the club in the main fleet. In regatta fleet, Thomas Saunders sailed brilliantly into 2nd place with Joe Armstrong Rowland a fantastic 4th, Freddie Callaghan 8th and Archie 16th in a large and competitive fleet. In coached regatta fleet, the Southern team did fantastically, with Zac Brushett coming a splendid 2nd, Sam Armstrong Rowland a terrific 3rd, with Ruby Callaghan and Lauren Barber snapping at their heels with a 5th and 6th respectively. Darcy O'Donnell, the youngest member of the Southern team, got her teeth into Oppie racing as well in coached regatta fleet.

This weekend, the Hamble side of the river was very well represented at our local regatta, Warsash Optimist open! A large contingent went across the river and had a really successful weekend. The day started light, shifty and challenging but ended up with a fruity sea breeze, with the coached regatta fleet in Kipper Pond providing thrills and (quite a few) spills for the audience. Main fleet was dominated by Finlay Craigen in extremely difficult tidal conditions with William Fletcher, Hennie Burlton and Emily Brushett also representing the club.

Regatta fleet saw Freddie Callaghan come a stupendous 2nd in Regatta fleet, with Archie Barber, Isla Fletcher and Zac Johnson also out on the water representing the club. In coached regatta fleet there were an amazing 7 entrants from the Southern (nearly half the whole fleet), with a Southern clean sweep in the top 3, with Alex Saunders, Ruby Callaghan and Hugo Fletcher coming 1st, 2nd (and first girl) and 3rd respectively. Caedon Faulkner-Leask, in his first ever regatta and the youngest competitor of the 88 entrants, came a splendid 5th and definitely won the prize for the biggest grin of the day! Lauren Barber came a close second in terms of smiles, with a 6th overall. Oliver Hughes, Ella Hughes and Darcy O'Donnell also had a fun day, with Oliver and Ella participating in their first ever regatta, and in tricky conditions everyone sailed brilliantly!

It is only a couple of weeks until the Oppie Nationals, and the club will be well represented across all the fleets, so we are all hoping for a fun and exciting week's sailing!


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