Member Update: River Moorings

Apr 2, 2020
Following enquiries from members concerned about the welfare of boats on river moorings in the absence of the bosun service, we have contacted the River Hamble Harbour Authority and can confirm that, as per government advice, no one is encouraged to go afloat for any reason including to check boats on river moorings.
The harbour master has kindly agreed to include the Royal Southern river moorings in his patrol vessel checks, and will notify either us or boat owners directly if there is any cause for concern.
We have also been advised that Andy from the Hamble Water Taxi is running a Boat Watch Scheme, through which you can have a more thorough check of your boat carried out, or check on specific concerns.   Please find his contact details below.
River Hamble Harbour Master's Office01489 576387
Hamble Water Taxi07827 157155