Waterside Regulations

Waterside Regulations

Waterside Regulations 2018

These rules are issued by the Executive Committee of the Royal Southern Yacht Club. The Executive Committee may modify these Rules from time to time. Use of the club’s facilities including pontoons, moorings, dry berths, slipway, crane, dinghies, tenders and launches is subject to the by-laws of the club and to these rules. In the case of a conflict between the by-laws and these rules, the by-laws shall take precedence.

It is a condition of use of the facilities that all safety regulations, including restrictions of use, are strictly observed.
The owners of any boats using the club’s facilities must hold boat insurance of £3 million.
Any damage to the facilities or to any boats in the facilities are to be reported to the Sailing Secretary or to the bosuns at the earliest opportunity.
Refusal to follow an instruction from a bosun will be reported to the executive committee who will decide what action should be taken.

The Club has moorings for members’ mono-hull yachts and RIBS in the Prince Philip Yacht Haven and on a pontoon on the East side of the Hamble River. The Commodore is entitled to a mooring in the Prince Philip Yacht Haven free of charge. Past commodores and the vice-Commodore are entitled to a mooring in the Prince Philip Yacht Haven at the standard rate without entering the ballot. Other moorings in the Prince Philip Yacht Haven and moorings on the East Pontoon are allocated by ballot of members on an annual or longer basis as decided by the executive; preference in the ballot is given to members who take an active part in club events. Multihull boats cannot be berthed in the Prince Philip Yacht Haven but can be berthed on the East Pontoon. Vessels greater than 15 metres (50 feet) LOA
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are only permitted with agreement from the Executive Committee.
When a boat with a club mooring is going to be absent the member should inform the sailing office of the dates it shall be absent.
The bosuns have the authority to move boats as necessary, especially during events; the bosuns’ instructions must be followed.
No parts of the BOAT or other equipment, dinghies, gear, fittings, supplies, stores or similar items shall be stored or left upon the pontoons or otherwise within the Haven without the prior written consent of the Secretary.
Any equipment left on the pontoon that is considered a hazard or risk to other users can be removed by the Sailing office.

Club berths are charged at a rate per metre of Total Length Overall; rates are set by the Executive on advice from the Sailing Committee and are published annually. The Total Length Overall is defined as the length overall of the boat including davits, bowsprits, boarding ladders, sterndrives, tenders, outdrives, rudders, anchors, pulpits, push-pits and any other extension fore and aft of the BOAT. The club reserves the right to measure a boat at any time and charge the additional berthing fee if the Boat appears to be greater than the length previously stated, their decision is final.
Annual berthing fees are payable in full in advance by February 28th of the berthing year.
The member is not entitled to any refund of berthing fees if the berthing license is cancelled or revoked.
If the member fails to make payment on or before the date due the club shall be entitled to take all or any of the following steps:
Terminate the berthing agreement immediately .
Prevent the boat from leaving the Haven.
Allocate any payment made by the member no matter what he or she intended it to be used for to pay for any or all of the services supplied or the berthing fees as the committee think fit.
Charge interest on the amount unpaid
Charge and claim from the boat owner the cost of recovering any overdue amount including but not limited to legal costs and Court fees.
To secure or remove the Boat from its berth and place it under the control of the Club.
By taking up a berth in the Haven the boat owner will have deemed to have accepted the Waterside Rules and any berthing license agreement even if such a license agreement or ballot application has not been signed.
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There are a number of berths that are allocated for the use of visitors and of members who do not have a club mooring. The bosuns may also allocate visitors to other berths that are temporarily vacant. Multihull boats can only be berthed on the East Pontoon.
Members who do not have a club berth in the Prince Philip Yacht Haven may use the visitor berths to set down and pick up passengers / crew and baggage without charge provided the visit is for not more than 1 hour. On weekdays members may moor for up to 4 hours without charge if lunching at the club. While mooring free of charge members may take on water to fill tanks but should not wash down boats. Longer visits by members and visits by non-members are subject to arrangement with the bosuns and are at the standard tariff.
Double banking on some of the visitor berths is possible but must not obstruct access; triple berthing is not allowed. Visitors who have berthed overnight must leave the berth by 12:00am on the day they are leaving or they will be charged for a further period.
The bosuns will direct use of the visitor facilities; the bosuns’ instructions must be followed.
On race days and at other busy times mooring may need to be restricted and notices will be posted to this effect.

Boats on club moorings may not display ‘For Sale’ signs, ‘For Charter’ signs or any commercial advertising. Boats may not operate ANY commercial activities such as but not restricted to charter operations or Airbnb from the club premises.

All members’ yachts must observe the correct flag etiquette whilst on club premises.

There are a number of club tenders available for members' use, equipped with a pair of rowlocks and oars. When not in use the oars and rowlocks should be stowed in a seamanlike manner and not left in their sockets. Tenders should be returned to their normal position immediately after use and never left on moorings when the yacht is absent without good reason. Please look after the tenders, and report any damage or deficiency to the bosuns immediately.

The Club Launch is a free service provided for members with river moorings and for visitors and members who have berthed on the East Pontoon. The operational
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area for the launch is river moorings from the mouth of the river to south of Mercury. The launch will NOT normally pick up or deliver to marinas or pontoons connected to the shore. During Club events and regattas priority will be given to participants/competitors. Prior booking of a pick up or collection is not normally supported.
The launch operates at the following times:
Summer (1st April to 30th September):Monday to Thursday 0800 – 1800
Friday to Sunday 0800 – 2000
Winter (1st October to 31st March):
Monday to Sunday 0800 – 1800
The launch may not be called later than 30 minutes before the launch service ends.
The maximum number of persons to be carried by the launch is 10. The Bosun has authority to reduce the maximum if he considers that it is necessary and has the authority to refuse to operate the launch if he believes it is unsafe to do so.
Calls to the Club launch are to be made on Channel 37 (Marine ‘M’) using low power and the call sign “Southern Launch” or by mobile ‘phone on number 07900 872461.

The cost of electricity and water is charged at the rates current at the time to berth holders and to visitors who have booked for 1 week or more. For visitor bookings of less than a week electricity and water is included in the mooring charge.
WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Service) now states that marinas should not provide permanently attached hose pipes. Accordingly, berth holders in the PPYH will need to supply their own hoses, the recommendation is for potable grade hose (usually blue) of not more than 22mm.

Trolleys must not be taken off Club premises. They are to be returned to their designated storage areas immediately after use.

Boat park users must keep their boats in the allocated space and return their empty trailers, which must be marked with the boat/owner’s name, to that space while sailing. Boats must not be left parked under the Crane. Unauthorized boats and trailers may be removed or immobilized and payment for storage, on a weekly basis, will be charged.

Members must not obstruct access to the safety ladders and life rings fitted to the
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Club pontoons at any time.

The club cannot accept liability for loss or damage to members’ craft, equipment or belongings whilst on the Club premises or facilities. As specified earlier in these rules, members are to ensure that they carry sufficient insurance to cover for loss or damage to Members’ craft, equipment and belongings whilst on Club premises or facilities and for use of the Club’s waterside facilities.

Members must leave their boat keys and may leave their car keys with the Bosun. Keys so left must be marked clearly with the boat name, car registration number and owner’s name. These keys will be kept in a locked area. The Club does not accept any form of responsibility for the security of the boats or car.

The crane is for the use of members and competitors boats only. The weight limit for the crane is 3 tonnes. All strops/slings used on the crane must have a valid strop test certificate; on no account may the crane be operated with strops/slings that are not correctly tested and approved. The Club has sets of strops and slings which have been correctly certified.
Under no circumstances must anyone work underneath a boat secured only by the sling or strops. The boat must be propped to prevent injury should the sling or strop fail.
The crane may only be operated by the bosuns or by members who have attended and passed appropriate training sessions; operation is at their risk. A list of qualified users will be kept by the Sailing office, only those members may use the crane unsupervised. Other members and competitors can book the facility through the Sailing Office but may not operate the crane. The Crane key will be held by the duty bosun or, outside the bosuns’ hours of duty, by reception. It will be issued to authorized users upon request and must be returned immediately after the launch or lift; any damage or loss will be the liability of the person to whom the key was issued. Other than the authorized user all other persons must keep clear whilst the crane is in operation. Non-members are not insured to use the crane.
Boats must not be left unattended underneath the crane and must leave this pontoon if the crane is in use.
The club has a power washer for the use of members. This must be booked with the bosuns and must not be used by anyone under the age of 18.

All types of tenders, inflatables etc. are required to have a permit, issued by the Sailing Secretary, and to pay a fee for storage on Club premises. The permit should
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be displayed on the inner transom together with the name of the Member’s yacht where applicable. Only one permit per Member is allowed with the exception of Family Members whose children may also have an allocation on the Youth Group rack. Permits will be issued on a first come first served basis. Unidentified tenders may be removed.
Inflatables and Sailing Dinghies must be kept in the racks or storage areas provided when not in use.
Outboard motors are not to be stored at the Club and must not be left on dinghies afloat at the Club for more than short periods.
Members may not chain or lock their tenders to the pontoon. A painter of at least 4.5m (15 ft) must be used in order not to restrict access.
Updated 6th May 2018

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