Crew Network

Find crew for racing, cruising or deliveries, or find sailing opportunities!

The Royal Southern Crew Network consists of the boat and sailor database seen on this page, as well as a Whatsapp group to allow boat owners to reach potential crew directly and keeping sailors in the loop. Both services are free to use and open to Members and Non-Members.

Crew Network Database

Sign up for the Crew Network database by filling in one or both of the below sign up forms. Crew Network entries that ask for payment or other fees will not be accepted. Please note that by completing either of these forms, you agree for all submitted details to be publicly accessible.
Expiry Date - Your details will be visible for 1 year after their post date. If you would like them to be removed sooner than this, then please contact the Sailing Office.
Contact Details - You will note that there are no contact details on the below sheets; this is to protect those who input their information. Members can view all information, including contact details, on the members section of the website. Alternatively, you may request contact information through the Sailing Office.

Crew Network Whatsapp Group

Once you have filled in either of the forms, you will be invited to join the RSrnYC Crew Network Whatsapp group. If you are unable to join this way for some reason, please contact the Sailing Office for joining details.
Contact the Sailing Office on

Sailors Looking for Opportunities

Boats Looking for Crew

Crew Register is supplied as is. Usage is covered by our Website and Privacy Terms. The Royal Southern Yacht Club cannot accept responsibility for the accuracy of any information posted on this Crew Register.